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About Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency

BEPIA is one of the first private investigation and detective agencies to start working in Indonesia.

We are managed jointly by our Indonesian CEO and Director of Investigations, and by an expatriate. BEPIA is a team of dedicated professionals providing investigation services for private clients and businesses with personalized attention to ensure accurate and complete investigations tailored to fit their needs.

Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency obtained legal company registration in 2008 and has worked on close to 400 cases for private and business clients. Our sister agency, Indonesia Private Investigation Agency, is based in Jakarta. Both agencies are able to work anywhere in Indonesia and South East Asia.

BEPIA is a team of dedicated private investigation professionals providing clients with personalized attention to ensure accurate and complete investigations tailored to fit their needs.

Around 70% of our clients are from Indonesia but we have also worked for clients from all over the world (England, Holland, France, America, Australia, Sweden, Ukraine, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand).

Private Investigation Agents

Director of Investigations

Private Investigation cases are headed by BEPIA’s Indonesian Director of Investigations who has a Diploma in Private Investigations (with distinction) from the UK and an Australian Government accredited certificate in “Investigation Services”.

Private Investigators

Our support team of Private Investigators are all fully trained and have a background in a range of fields including IT, police and law. When working in remoter parts of Indonesia we can also mobilise trusted local private investigators and contacts.


Logistics and operational management is supported by full-time administrative staff  headed by an expatriate with over twenty years management experience.

Private Investigation Network

An understanding of local cultures along with extensive networks and contacts are often needed to get a private investigation job done effectively and efficiently in Indonesia.

Over the years BEPIA has built an extensive network that includes authorities in the police, immigration, Child Protection Services and lawyers throughout Indonesia including Suarabaya, Kalimantan, Papua, Lombok and Batam.

We have also co-ordinated and worked closely with authorities and other private investigation agencies on cases in countries such as Australia, America, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the Ukraine and China.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.