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Business Due Dilgence

November 4, 2016 0 Comments

What is Business Due Diligence?

Business due diligence is basically a process of in-depth investigation completed by a business or outsource to a professional company such as Business Due Diligence Indonesia (BDDI). The research is carried out prior to starting an ongoing business or employment relationship or signing a contract. The aim of due diligence is to identify any potential problems, unexpected liabilities and basically mitigate any risks. 

Advantages of Engaging Business Due Diligence Indonesia

BDDI have a proven track record of due diligence in Indonesia. We also have a unique network of sources that offer intelligence that just can’t be found online or n books.

Conducting due diligence is a valuable and key risk management tool used for buyers and businesses alike. BDDI’s thorough due diligence investigations will allow clients to make informed decisions and avoid surprises at the end of a transaction. It could save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Due diligence investigations empower buyers through making them aware.  

Conducting Due Diligence

There are different ‘levels’ of due diligence (‘hard’ and ‘soft’). BDDI offers the full range from record retrieval and adverse media research to the more time consuming deep source interviews, regulatory and litigation checks and site location verification visits. The scope of due diligence is dependent on the type of transaction, any perceived risks, and the client’s needs.

The most common transactions that call for due diligence include:

  • purchasing a business
  • mergers and acquisitions 
  • entering into a partnership
  • entering into a major contract

Buyers have the right to look at the records, assets, and operations for a business before committing to purchasing or entering into a partnership. The result of a due diligence exercise should be a complete story of the target company (or partner). This story can include a range of information within the scope of the research such as financial, commercial, operational, reputational and legal position of the target business or partner.

Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency (BEPIA) along with our sister agency Indonesia Private Investigation Agency (IPIA) are  fully registered Private Investigation Agencies offering private detective and private investigator services to the Private and Business sectors throughout Indonesia and South East Asia.

For more focussed business due diligence work and analysis we would also refer you to Business Due Diligence Indonesia

About the Author:

BEPIA's Indonesian Director of Investigations has worked on and directed over 400 cases. She has a Diploma (with distinction) in Private Investigation from the UK, and an Australian Government accredited certificate in Investigative Services.