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Employee Background Checks

October 10, 2016 0 Comments

Many employers in Indonesia employee background checks through the assistance of a company such as Business Due Diligence Indonesia, as a well-respected Private Investigation firms Indonesia Private Investigation Agency and Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency.  

While a good CV and a job interview are big parts in the hiring decision, a background check is certainly an essential piece of work you should undergo as part of a recruitment checks. Business Due Diligence Indonesia and Indonesia Private Investigation Agency and Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency are able to verify vital information such as identity, CV, education and employment history, criminal activity, professional qualifications, and other records of potential candidate. 

Comprehensive Services

Different background check companies in Indonesia offer different range of services. Business Due Diligence Indonesia for example has comprehensive services covering all the main areas of concern. This will take the full burden off a recruiter’s shoulders. These extensive checks and verification include personal identity, criminal history, educational and professional qualifications, financial history and employee references. 

Service Price

For almost all businesses, cost will always be a factor. Cost will of course depend on the scope of the check. Often, there is a base price and then an additional fee for different elements. Business Due Diligence Indonesia is completely transparent in coverage elements at the base price, and then what the additional fees are if additional services are required. Business Due Diligence Indonesia offers quality screening to know about your potential hire. 

Indonesian Legal Compliance

Business Due Diligence Indonesia will let you know your legal responsibility and requirements on employment screenings to ensure adherence to Indonesia law  and regulations. 

Report Accuracy

Not all information is accurate in employee background checks if the company you choose is not experienced. A background check report is not like a credit report as there is no specific way for you to detect the inaccuracy. Business Due Diligence Indonesia is reliable, experienced and is known for giving accurate reports.

Delivery Time

Employee background checks delivery time will vary depending on the scope of the investigation is. For a standard check, Business Due Diligence Indonesia generally takes about 5 working days.

Business Due Diligence Indonesia has a wide network of experts and extensive experience to discover the discrepancies between the candidates’ information provided and our background check results.

Get in touch with BDDI to know more about their background check services in Indonesia.

Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency (BEPIA) along with our sister agency Indonesia Private Investigation Agency (IPIA) are  fully registered Private Investigation Agencies offering private detective and private investigator services to the Private and Business sectors throughout Indonesia and South East Asia.

For more focussed business due diligence work and analysis we would also refer you to Business Due Diligence Indonesia

About the Author:

BEPIA's Indonesian Director of Investigations has worked on and directed over 400 cases. She has a Diploma (with distinction) in Private Investigation from the UK, and an Australian Government accredited certificate in Investigative Services.