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Personal Private Investigation Services

Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency (BEPIA) fully understands the sensitive and emotional nature of many private investigation cases that individual clients get involved with. In many instances they involve a situation in which no-one would like to be in –  suspected infidelity, abducted or missing children or being cheated by a long term and supposedly trusted acquaintance.

We are able to carry out any combination of private investigation methods such as surveillance and tracking, tracing, background checking and locating missing people. On the client’s behalf we can also liaise with authorities such as immigration, child protection services, lawyers, notaries and the police.

Some Common Private Investigation Services

  • surveillance

BEPIA’s agents are highly skilled and experienced  in the art of surveillance. We use digital cameras with night vision capability and telephoto lenses to capture the activities of the subject. Surveillance is usually one of the key private investigation tools used for relationship based cases.

  • background checks

BEPIA can gather information about a person’s character and past and present history. Our private investigation services can get information such as age, marital status and relationship and dating history, criminal prosecutions, personal habits, alcohol or drug use, and personal lifestyle.

  • asset searches

Our experienced private investigator teams can uncover the financial status and history of an individual. Our asset searches are comprehensive and can include income potential, vehicle ownership, bank account details, shareholdings, and business and property ownership.

  • child welfare

We have successfully worked on child abduction cases and coordinated with the Indonesian Commission for Child Protection. We can also conduct surveillance to obtain evidence on the activities of a child.

  • locate missing people

People location takes various forms including, missing people, runaway children, paternity suits, inheritance and process serving, lost loves and friends, and locating blood relatives. BEPIA has a very high success rate in this sometimes difficult form of private investigation.

  • identity theft

Our investigation services include working on cases involving identity theft, including finding the perpetrators using stolen credit cards, and liaising with police for prosecution.

  • honey traps

The infamous honey trap (please read our article) is basically a way to see how someone responds when an eligible man or woman flirts with them.

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