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Sick Day Investigation

November 18, 2014 0 Comments


Every employer on hiring employees expects the best from them in terms of handling their work duties. The fact is that a good number of employees turn out to be very honest, loyal and hardworking. They gain the trust of their employers.

Unfortunately, there are others who cheat with the simple intention of getting off work. Falsely claiming to be sick has become one way for many employees to get off work to do whatever they want to do basically – to moonlight, go to a sports event, or just hang around the house watching tv.

Apart from repetitive and persistent sickness and false sick leaves, some will go to the extent of claiming injury compensation from their employers. The depressing part is that the employers usually pay the sick leave even though they are not sure that their employees are indeed sick and deserve to be off. If you find yourself in a situation where you are suspecting false sick leaves from your employees there is a solution. Sick day investigation is all you need to be sure of what your employee is really up to.

What is Sick Day Investigation?

These investigations are designed to give you peace of mind knowing that your staff members on sick leave are legitimately sick or if they are deceiving you.

Professional Private Investigators have their own strategies of finding out the truth on your behalf. They can conduct the investigations by keeping a watch on your sick employee during the sick leave to find out what really happens. Does s/he seek medical attention? Does s/he stay at home or does he end up doing other things during the sick leave that arguably a sick person should not be doing (such as going to a football match)? Does he or she get medication from the stores? These are some of the questions a sick day investigation will reveal to you, helping you know what the truth really is. We would never suggest this can or should be done in the vast majority of cases. Indeed most people are honest, but if there is someone that continually is taking sick leave then investigation might be an option worth considering.

The investigation strategy can differ from one investigator to another and you have the right to be briefed on how it is going to be conducted to bear fruits for you. An investigation plan will be laid out and the requirements discussed with you. The approximate cost will also be reached before evidence is gathered. Find out what your investigator can do for you before hiring the services. It is also very important to find out the terms of the services just to be sure they are exactly what you need.

Sick day investigations can be very helpful to any employer with growing suspicion and sickness claims that are persistent and repetitive. Find out the truth today by hiring the services of a good private investigator.

Indonesia Private Investigation Agency  (IPIA) along with our sister agency  Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency  (BEPIA) are  fully registered Private Investigation Agencies offering private detective and private investigator services to the Private and Business sectors throughout Indonesia and South East Asia.

Our two agencies both conduct business due diligence assessments in Indonesia. However, we can also recommend Business Due Diligence Indonesia (BDDI). BDDI specialise purely on business due diligence and pre-employment screening, and with an extensive network of political, financial and business experts, and over ten years specialised focus, they are perhaps the leading experts in their field. 

About the Author:

BEPIA's Indonesian Director of Investigations has worked on and directed over 400 cases. She has a Diploma (with distinction) in Private Investigation from the UK, and an Australian Government accredited certificate in Investigative Services.