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Business Private Investigation Services

Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency offers private investigation and detective services for business due diligence that can help businesses in a number of ways. We are a branch of IPIA.

BEPIA consults with the client and builds an activity programme you agree with. The programme can be based on a combination of  a wide range of possible activities and various technologies we have at our disposal.

Our range of private investigation and detective services for businesses include uncovering fraud and corruption, debt collection, and carrying out business due diligence background checks on potential employees or new business partners that in the long term could save you thousands of dollars.

Examples of Business Services

  • business intelligence

BEPIA can carry out due diligence background private investigation checks of a potential business partner(s) and/or key business player(s), and also offer assessments  of company-wide issues including asset checks, liability issues (such as lawsuits) or regulatory or environmental issues.

We can help in areas such as misapplication of corporate assets, employee dishonesty, internal and external embezzlements, product theft, bribery, and other breeches of business and fiduciary duties.

  • copyright

Protecting intellectual property and trade secrets has become increasingly difficult particularly in a country such as Indonesia.

Our investigation of counterfeit products, copyright infringement and intellectual property theft includes research of violations, identity, location and background profiles of perpetrators.

BEPIA is also able to conduct surveillance at manufacturing or retail locations and place undercover agents at all levels of production and sales. Our services also include procurement of evidence, maintaining the chain of evidence and court testimony.

  • serving court papers

BEPIA can serve legal process papers on your behalf in Indonesia and throughout South East Asia.

When we serve papers we always try (and usually succeed) to take a photo of the person served, with the documents in their possession. We will also report any other relevant information gathered when we serve papers.

  • counter-surveillance

High quality surveillance equipment is now easily available. However, whilst many adverts would have you believe they are undetectable, this is not true for even the most expensive and sophisticated equipment.

Our private investigation team include counter surveillance agents who can discover covert spying and bugging equipment at your business workplace or homes for cases ranging from industrial espionage to marital disputes.

If you suspect are being monitored, watched, listened to, or tracked, a counter surveillance operation from BEPIA will find out about it, before going on to uncover who is behind the spying. Please read our article for businesses and individuals on signs you may be bugged.